Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem.



February 2012

Indiana Joins Ranks of Free States

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It’s rather remarkable that the US still has states, more than half even, where people are forced into association with others against their will – and even required to fork over money for the privilege, money which is then used to support politicians peddling big government policies. Yet that is precisely what happens under forced unionization regimes. Indiana is now joining the ranks of the enlightened and has become a right-to-work state, putting an end to this corrupt racket.

Freedom to associate, or not associate, at one’s pleasure is an important end in itself, but it also comes with economic benefit. States with right-to-work laws are much better off than states without. Right-to-work states have lower unemployment, for instance. But most importantly, they have more freedom.

Still, an astonishing 27 states continue to support indentured servitude through forced unionization.

The fight continues.