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February 2012

Another Reason to Support Walker

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Gov. Scott Walker’s reforms in Wisconsin aren’t just important for their fiscal impact. Keeping teacher’s unions from getting too strong also prevents nonsense like this:

They’ve slapped around students, ripped off taxpayers and boozed it up in the classroom — and they’re all still employed as city public-school teachers.

A review of nearly 100 disciplinary hearings from 2011, obtained by a Post Freedom of Information Law request, shows the city had to fight tooth and nail to remove lawbreaking, abusive teachers — terminating a paltry 31 percent of the 70 charged with misconduct.

And the city could dismiss only 12 of 26 teachers who were brought up on charges of incompetence — which is driving a push by Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg for new teacher evaluations.

Or how about this guy:

Alan Rosenfeld — a 66-year-old disgraced typing teacher — hasn’t taught since he was accused of making  inappropriate comments and leering at 8th grade girls in 2001, but still collects $100,049 a year from the city, the New York Post reports.

This is what teacher’s unions are really fighting for: the power to be unaccountable. They are never, as they claim, in it for the children.