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September 2011

Bloomberg Seizes on Weekend Crime to Attack Gun Rights

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New York had a bloody weekend. Over a span of roughly 48 hours, 31 people were shot. Mayor Bloomberg responded by whining to the Feds to do more gun confiscating.

The series of violence urged Mayor Michael Bloomberg to call the federal government to step up for stricter gun control laws.

Co-chair of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Bloomberg has lobbied Washington repeatedly to tighten gun laws.

“It is just unconscionable. We cannot tolerate it,” said Mayor at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn on Sunday.

This is typical anti-gun nonsense from the golden boy of the dishonestly non-ideological No Labels crowd in the muddled middle. Rather than condemning the actual criminals, he seeks to limit freedoms. Never mind that stricter gun control laws have never been tied to reduced crime (and typically the opposite is found). For instance, when Washington D.C. instituted the strictest gun control policy in the country in the 1970’s, the murder rate skyrocketed. And despite recently having their gun policy slapped down as unconstitutional in Heller, D.C. continues to have both very strict gun control laws and extremely high crime rates.