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July 2011

Sick and Tired

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If this video doesn’t get your blood boiling, I don’t know what will.

The problem of police abuse, lack of accountability for so-called law enforcement, and a loss of confidence by the public in their would-be servants and protectors is a widespread problem that needs to be seriously addressed.

Unfortunately there are some, such as the Pima County GOP, who are thrusting their heads in the sand and siding with the rights violators over the rights holders by refusing to even allow discussion of the issue.

Pima County, you’ll remember, is where Iraq War veteran Jose Guerena was murdered by Sheriff Dupnik’s officers. When the local GOP Party Chairman Brian Miller dared question the propriety of a SWAT raid which saw Guerena gunned down because he was prepared to defend his wife and child against armed invaders who had no justification for being there, and which was followed by consistent lies and misinformation by the officers involved, the local party wienies decided to strip him of his office. They said (Hat-tip: The Agitator):

The role of the Republican Party is clear: to elect candidates and support those candidates once elected. The recent statements and actions of Chairman Brian Miller have not served to further those goals, but rather the opposite. Mr. Miller’s statements regarding the SWAT raid have created serious problems for our elected officials, money raising efforts and have divided the Party.  Mr. Miller was given repeated opportunities to either mend these fences or resign his position, and has chosen to do neither.  Instead, he has continued to make controversial statements to the press.

The role of the Pima County Republican Party is indeed clear: Defend statist thugs who murder veterans at all costs. Isn’t the GOP supposed to protect rights to life, liberty and property? What ever happened to that party?