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July 2011

Let This Be a Lesson to Agenda Journalists Everywhere

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In what may be one of the funniest media moments of the year, MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer got slapped down by Rep. Mo Brooks when she tried to sarcastically dismiss his views by questioning whether he had a background in economics. Watch below for the fun:

Rep. Brooks had made the horrible mistake of daring to question the learned authority of Secretary Geithner. For a lackey at MSNBC this is akin to blasphemy, and so Contessa thought she was being quite clever with her question designed to put the upstart Congressman in his place. And even though it’s clearly a fallacy to believe that having credentials makes one correct, as she would have it (at least when the credentialed person is a liberal or Democrat, no doubt she would offer no such presumption of accuracy to an accomplished conservative), it’s quite enjoyable to see her fall by her own premise.

Let this be a lesson to hack journalists everywhere trying to push an agenda: don’t ask a question you don’t know the answer too.

(Hat-tip: Matt Lewis)