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February 2011

Sheila Jackson Lee: Super Bowl Commercial was Raaaaaacist

Written by , Posted in Identity Politics

The ever insightful Sheila Jackson Lee has blessed us with her wisdom once again. While the rest of us saw an amusing Pepsi commercial during the football game Sunday night, she saw racism. Here’s the ad:

For those too lazy to watch, it’s easy to understand. A woman is taming her husband’s sweet tooth with the kind of violence only a wife could get away with. When he’s finally caught with a soda, the husband expects to be scolded, until we learn – ah ha!- that Pepsi Max is actually good for you, or something. Anyway, after the husband gets a reprieve for his soda drinking, he then gets caught oogling a nearby female jogger, and his wife promptly responds with more violence but misses the man and hit the woman, ending the commercial. Ha ha, cute and harmless enough, right?

Wrong. You see, while us normal people saw a typical American couple in a number of humorous situations, those obsessed with identity politics saw a black man oogling a white woman, and we just can’t have that (wasn’t it the whites that used to get upset about that? My how far we’ve come). It’s racist, or something.

I didn’t see that. I didn’t see their races at all. I didn’t even remember that the couple in question was black until this story came up, because it never mattered. They were just a couple, and she was just a pretty jogger. Color blind.

Racism is judging people by the color of their skin even when it has no bearing on anything.  By that understanding, the only racist here is Sheila Jackson Lee.