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November 2010

When Success Is Failure

Written by , Posted in Election Time

Liberal Joe Klein thinks Democrats lost because they ran away from their successes:

[T]he Democratic performance this year was one of the more mystifying, and craven, in memory. Usually, a political party loses when it has failed to do its job. These Democrats lost because they succeeded in doing what they’ve been promising for decades. They enacted their fantasies, starting with health care reform, and then ran away from their successes. Why on earth would a political party enact major pieces of legislation and then refuse to take credit for them?

That’s quite easy to answer, Joe. Democrats refused to take credit because no one wanted their legislation in the first place.  It was, as you admit, their fantasy – not the public’s.  Passing bills just for the sake of doing something may be a “success” in the eyes of Joe Klein, but the public was never sold on the Obama/Pelosi agenda.  Democrats knew this, which is why they attempted to run away from those very “success.” But with “success” like that, who needs failures?