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September 2010

Completely Out Of Touch

Written by , Posted in Election Time, Taxes

Two recent stories indicate just how clueless and inept is the Democratic Party.  First, we see that Democrats are punting on the issue of taxes:

Senate Democrats huddled behind closed doors for one hour on Thursday trying to figure out what to do about the expiring Bush tax cuts. With no consensus emerging, Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., decided to postpone a vote until after the election.<

Why are Democrats refusing to address the pending tax hikes which will cripple the economy? Because they know there is majority support in their House caucus, and growing support in the Senate, for extension of all of the tax cuts. The American people want it, too. But this arrogant Democratic majority refuses to let such a vote take place.  They’d rather play class-warfare politics and prevent the tax cuts that would have the biggest economic impact from taking place than do what is best for everyone – across the board protection from rate hikes, including on crucial capital gains, dividends and death taxes.

The second story has to do with the Democratic response to the recently released GOP Pledge to America. Would they respond with a similar clear(-ish) enunciation of their positions, many asked? No. They say they’ll just run on their record.  Seriously.

If I didn’t know better I’d suspect they’re throwing the election.