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November 2009

The Latest Health Care Monstrosity

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Weighing in at 1990 pages, the latest health care legislation (H.R. 3962) is a  familiar collection of big government policies. Misleadingly touted by Democrats and media as costing $894 billion, the bill is actually “a $725 billion tax increase and a $1.5 trillion spending program,” according to Jim Capretta.  CBO once again warns that its analysis is colored by rosy and politically unlikely assumptions, rendering it highly unlikely that the deficit reductions they find will actually materialize.

The bill contains a plethora of tax increases, which is reflected by its language.  Words like “taxes,” “fee,” and “penalty” are sprinkled liberally throughout.  Americans for Tax Reform counts 13 new taxes or increases, including an employer mandate and excise taxes on medical devices.

The only thing this massive tome of big government statism doesn’t have is any actual policy to help bring down costs or make health care more responsive to consumers.