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June 2009

We're All Gonna Die! Pt. 20

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We’re All Gonna Die, White House edition:

Man-made climate change threatens to stress water resources, challenge crops and livestock, raise sea levels and adversely affect human health, according to a report released by the Obama administration on Tuesday.

The nearly 200-page document on global climate change — released by the White House science adviser and mandated by Congress — does not include new research, but encompasses several recent studies on the effects of global warming over the last half century.

In other words, the White House has rehashed the usual scare-mongering in order to drum up “support” for the upcoming vote on the Waxman-Markey, cap and trade disaster.  In a press release, Sen. Inhofe correctly noted “that despite millions of dollars spent on alarmist advertising, the American public remains rightly skeptical of the so-called ‘consensus’ on global warming.”

Right on cue, the White House’s propaganda arm (MSM) made sure you aren’t being fooled by the nice weather and, you know, general lack of anything approaching Armageddon.

With a cooler-than-usual winter and a mild temperatures leading up to the beginning of summer, global warming alarmists are finding they are losing steam in the debate. But “NBC Nightly News” won’t give up the fight.

…”This less-than-beach-like weather may have you wondering about global warming,” Thompson said. “This cold spell is a snapshot, just a couple of weeks. Global warming is something that happens over decades and centuries. So hang in there, summer and its warmth is on the horizon.”

That news of warm weather and theory of global warming was reassuring for Williams. “Glad to hear that. I was beginning to worry,” he said.

Lest you get too worked up, I am pleased to be able to inform you that our generous leader has a solution: money for the Chicoms!

U.S. Special Envoy for Climate Change Todd Stern said that there was “no question” that China would receive both financial and technological assistance from the United States as part of upcoming climate change talks to be conducted in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“This is a developing country issue, which includes China,” Stern told reporters on Friday.  “I think there is no question that a Copenhagen agreement is going to have to include mechanisms to provide the financial flows and technological assistance to developing countries.”